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WiseMind Studios LLC is looking for volunteers that live in the Tacoma, WA area to help create a development tool for Life Skills Winner (Web Version). This tool will eventually be in the hands of the autism/special needs community to develop their own tasks for Life Skills Winner. Read to learn about Life Skills Winner. Currently on Android and iOS, but in the process of converting it to a Web app.

Reasons to join WiseMind Studios LLC:
• You will gain experience on a project that will be published.
• You will have your name in the credits of the project.
• This is an excellent resume builder for you.
• This tool will be helping the parents/teachers of the autistic and special needs children.

This internship lasts as long as you want and you would be working remotely. However, you would come in to the office for meetings from time to time.

1. Develops & test code
2. Submits code via source control using GIT.
3. Communicates to project lead and other teammates (Meetings, Email, Skype, Etc).

Must have at least working knowledge in Java.

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